5 Spooky Infant Feeding Myths Debunked

For some parents, infant feeding may be a little spooky, but it shouldn't be. We've debunked five infant feeding myths to help put parents' minds at ease.

Homemade Infant Formula: The Scary Truth

Some well-intentioned parents believe that making homemade infant formula can be a healthy alternative. However, these parents are taking risk that can impact the health of their little one.

Healthy Eating Habits From the Start

Bad eating habits are easy to learn, but harder to break. Raise a generation of healthy eaters by instilling healthy habits from day one.


going back to work after baby
Infant feeding shouldn’t be scary, however, there are some myths about this topic that can leave some parents confused and ...
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Don’t Let These Spooky Infant Nutrition Myths Haunt You: Quiz

formula bottle prep
When preparing your infant's breast milk or formula, safe, clean bottle prep is key ...
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Infant Formula Bottle Prep – Video

life with a newborn
Babies can be dirty, little creatures. Diapers, spit up, throw up — you name it. With an infant you’re exhausted, ...
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Life with a Newborn is Chaotic, but Your Bottle Prep Shouldn’t Be

In today’s digital age, moms and dads have instant access to many different parenting resources. New parents often look to ...
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Parenting in the Information Age: Whose Advice Is Reliable?

allergies in infants
By: Dr. Meg Meeker I find myself fielding lots of questions about allergies in infants from concerned parents wondering whether ...
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Dairy Intolerances and Allergies: When to Speak to your Doctor

Babies with a Dairy Intolerance
Feeding your newborn should be a positive experience so if there are signs of discomfort during or shortly after eating, ...
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Alternatives for Babies with a Dairy Intolerance or Allergy