Infant Formula & Supply Chain

Members of the Infant Nutrition Council of America (INCA) are committed to ‎meeting the needs of families who rely on infant formula—it is their top priority. ‎Supply chain challenges, including impacts on transportation, labor, and logistics ‎and a recent product recall, have impacted infant formula availability. Infant ‎formula manufacturers are actively working with suppliers, distributors, retailers ‎and state agencies to ensure availability and access to infant formula products, to ‎quickly address the needs of babies everywhere. Parents and caregivers should ‎always obtain infant formula from a safe, reliable source and discuss feeding-‎related questions with a healthcare provider.‎

Families who believe they qualify for the WIC program are encouraged to contact ‎their local WIC agency. INCA also reminds families that they can order infant ‎formula for home delivery directly from online retailers. Be sure to consult a child’s ‎pediatrician on all infant feeding options. Commercial infant formulas from INCA ‎member companies are safe and designed to provide babies with the nutrients ‎they need for healthy growth and development.‎

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