What Is The Difference Between Toddler Nutritional Drinks and Infant Formulas?

Infant Formula
When a parent or caregiver cannot or chooses not to feed their baby breast milk, commercial infant formulas are intended to, and can be, used as a complete or partial substitute for human milk by infants. Infant formula is specially formulated to simulate, as closely as possible, human milk and can help promote healthy growth and development. Infant formulas are for use with all infants less than 12 months in age.

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Toddler Nutritional Drinks
Toddler nutritional drinks are different from infant formulas in that, while they provide key nutrients for young children, they are meant to complement the transition to a family diet for children 12-36 months in age by providing nutrients children might be missing in their diets. They are not labeled or intended to be a child’s only source of nutrition.