Tips for Going Back To Work After Having A Baby

For weeks, perhaps months, you have showered your newborn with undivided love and attention, but now comes the realization that you must return to work.

It is no surprise that the thought of leaving your baby and entrusting their care to someone else can be somewhat overwhelming and emotional. It doesn’t have to be!

Some planning and preparation can help reduce the stress of going back to work. Whether you are breastfeeding, using formula or a combination of both, there are simple steps you can take to put your mind at ease and ensure that your baby is well taken care of while you are at work.
Consider the following:

  • Bottle Preparation: Since prepared formula and breast milk can stay in the refrigerator for 24 hours, prepare bottles for your caregiver the night before work and include your child’s name and the date. Outline clear instructions on your baby’s feeding schedule and provide extra breast milk/formula in case it is needed.
  • Special Needs: Give your caregiver a list of any allergies or intolerances your child faces and let them know if your child has had any recent vaccines.
  • Emergency Contacts: Provide your phone number and those of friends or family members authorized to pick up your baby.
  • Necessary Extras: Be sure to provide a good supply of bibs, burping cloths, diapers, a few changes of clothes, and any other accessory for feeding
  • Breastfeeding: Talk to your boss about convenient times to pump and identify a clean and private environment, as well as a location to store your milk.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your employer and caregiver is so important. Discuss how doctor’s appointments or a sick baby may affect your work schedule and develop a plan. Stay in touch with your caregiver if there are any questions or concerns.

Working together with those involved in your baby’s care and well-being, you can ensure that your transition in going back to work is a smooth one and that your baby is happy and healthy.

Just imagine the joy you will feel when you reunite with your baby after a long day on the job!