Looking For a Pediatrician? Find One Who Shares Your Philosophies

Screaming ear infection? Mysterious rash? Advice on how to feed and treat your child? Parents rely on their pediatricians for answers to these and other such questions about their kids’ well being. Pediatricians play such a front-and-center role in your child’s early life, so it’s important you pick one with whom you have a good rapport, and who also shares your personal child healthcare philosophies. You should feel comfortable with your pediatrician’s approaches to infant feeding, vaccines and potty training, not to mention everything else that goes along with raising a healthy kid.

When you begin your search for a pediatrician, start by asking your friends with kids about their own pediatricians’ approaches to important child-rearing topics. For example, if you plan to breastfeed, make sure your doctor will support your feeding choice. Alternatively, if you plan to use infant formula exclusively or you plan to use formula to supplement your breast milk, make sure your doctor is open to discussing all your options.  Have friends in the medical field? That’s a plus – ask them for recommendations on pediatricians they trust.  Also, consider looking for a pediatrician who has their own kids; they can add an extra level of real-life experience. The American Board of Pediatrics is a great resource to find referrals for board-certified pediatricians.

A really great doctor will offer a combination of tough love and emotional support. Do your research thoroughly and you could find yourself with a most important ally for raising a happy, healthy child.

Download our:  Checklist for Selecting a Pediatrician