Life with a Newborn is Chaotic, but Your Bottle Prep Shouldn’t Be

Babies can be dirty, little creatures. Diapers, spit up, throw up — you name it. With an infant you’re exhausted, haven’t showered in two days, and are often up all night. Life with a newborn is messy.

One thing that shouldn’t be messy, though, is your process for safe handling of your baby’s bottles. Don’t ever skimp on this — it’s just too important. Here are five things to consider when you plan for bottle feeding:

  1. Wash Your Hands: You know the drill – wash those hands in hot sudsy water before handling bottles. Sing the whole Happy Birthday song twice while you’re doing it; when you’re done singing, your hands are clean.
  2. Clean Bottle Stations: Setting up a clean bottle station, where you have everything you need all in the same place, can be a lifesaver. It’ll save you from running around like a mad person looking for something when you have a screaming, hungry infant on your hands.
  3. Have Extra Bottles on Deck: Make sure you always have a decent supply of clean bottles on deck so you don’t have to scramble to wash them in a feeding emergency.
  4. Use What Works: There are a LOT of different kinds of baby bottles out there; there’s glass vs. plastic, fancy flow mechanisms, etc. Don’t overthink it! Find the bottle that works best for you and call it a day.
  5. Don’t Microwave: It’s been said a million times, but it’s worth repeating: Stay away from the microwave when warming your baby’s bottle.

In general it’s best to give in to the baby chaos to save your sanity (or really ask for help from family and friends). Except for those bottles! Don’t slide on the clean bottle prep. Could there ever be anything more worth it? Check out this bottle prep check list that you can print out and hang in your kitchen.