IFC Announces Change to Infant Nutrition Council of America (INCA)

ATLANTA, Ga. – The International Formula Council (IFC), an association of manufacturers and marketers of formulated nutrition products, announced today that it has changed its name to the Infant Nutrition Council of America (INCA). The new name more clearly represents the organization’s mission to advocate for optimal infant health and the critical role of infant nutrition, support families in their feeding decisions and educate on appropriate infant feeding options.

Every day, parents make the important and personal decision about how to feed their infant– a decision rooted in individual beliefs, circumstances and experiences. The Infant Nutrition Council of America believes parents and families need access to facts and balanced information about infant feeding options.

“Whether a parent decides to breastfeed exclusively, formula feed, or use a combination of both, they have the right to be supported in their decision,” said Mardi Mountford, Executive Vice President of the Infant Nutrition Council of America. “During the first year of life an infant is exposed to many foods and eating experiences that lay the foundation for lifelong nutritional habits. For over 45 years, the Council has served as a resource and advocate for optimal infant nutrition to ensure positive health outcomes.”

While experts agree on the benefits of breastfeeding, for infants not receiving breast milk, infant formula is the only safe and recommended nourishment that promotes healthy growth and development based on current nutrition science.