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Whether a parent decides to breastfeed exclusively, formula feed, or use a combination of both, the Infant Nutrition Council of America believes parents should be supported in their decision. This site will provide timely articles to help keep you informed for discussions with your patients, their families and healthcare teams.

milk protein intolerance

Milk Protein Intolerance in Infancy

An estimated 7-15% of full term infants have an intolerance to milk proteins.  These infants often require formulas that contain ...
infant taste

Some Infant Taste Experiences can Influence Taste Acceptance

A child’s dietary behavior is determined by many factors, including infant taste preference. However, what affects taste preference and how ...

Does Breastfeeding Protect Against Childhood Obesity?

The article “Does Breastfeeding Protect Against Childhood Obesity? Moving Beyond Observational Evidence“ reviews findings from observational studies that evaluated the ...