Have Infant, Will Travel!

Traveling with an infant can be daunting. Here are four quick tips to ensure smooth and safe bottle-feeding while traveling.

Parenting in the Information Age

How do you know the information is reliable? Know where to turn to and where to stay away from for your infant's nutrition.

Bad eating habits are easy to learn, but harder to break. Raise a generation of healthy eaters by instilling healthy habits from day one.


In today’s digital age, moms and dads have instant access to many different parenting resources. New parents often look to ...
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Parenting in the Information Age: Whose Advice Is Reliable?

FUD, which stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt, is a disinformation strategy dating back to the early 20th century. It ...
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(Forbes): The Clean Label Project Is Using Bad Science To Scare Us About Our Children’s Food

Next to the wheel, breast pumps are one of the greatest inventions ever. They allow you to pump your breast ...
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When Does Frozen Breast Milk Expire? It Doesn’t Last Forever

As the founder of Don’t Judge Just Feed, I thought our campaign message was pretty clear; we love, encourage and ...
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(Huffington Post): Why Is A Support Network For Bottle-Feeding Perceived As Anti-Breastfeeding?

Parents of infants could be forgiven for panicking if they read reports about “needle-like”, “potentially dangerous” and “toxic” nanoparticles in ...
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(The Guardian): It’s Time to Inject Some Sense into the Nonsense Peddled by the Anti-science Crowd

how to tell if your baby is full
Three quick questions to help you determine if your baby has had enough to eat ...
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How to Tell If Your Baby is Full – Video