Some babies may be colicky, some may just have little gas, but for new parents, any of these will raise some concern.
Don't Use Food To Soothe Your Baby

Feeding can be a quick fix to soothing a fussy infant, but it’s important to realize that crying isn’t always a sign that your baby is hungry.

How To Tell If Your Baby Is Full

Infants cannot say when they've had enough to eat. Learn how to interpret their hunger cues and know when your baby is satisfied.


In today’s digital age, moms and dads have instant access to many different parenting resources. New parents often look to ...
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Parenting in the Information Age: Whose Advice Is Reliable?

Eleanor Holmes Norton, a grandmother, had an unusual request at a wedding she attended a year ago. “I immediately said, ...
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House Passes Bill Requiring Federal Buildings to Provide Lactation Spaces for Nursing Moms

Bonding with your newborn is one of the earliest building blocks of a lasting relationship. Bonding encourages parents to nurture ...
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Bonding During Feeding – It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore

How you feed your baby is an important and personal decision rooted in individual beliefs, circumstances and experiences. Some well-intentioned ...
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3 Reasons Homemade Infant Formula is Dangerous

There's no doubt that every new mom feels pressure. Whether it's about bouncing back to your pre-pregnancy weight within six ...
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How To Talk To Your Doctor About Wanting To Formula Feed

traveling with an infant
Traveling with an infant can be daunting. Whether heading out for a fun summer getaway, taking a trip during the ...
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Have Infant, Will Travel