Have Infant, Will Travel!

Traveling with an infant can be daunting. Here are four quick tips to ensure smooth and safe bottle-feeding while traveling.

Parenting in the Information Age

How do you know the information is reliable? Know where to turn to and where to stay away from for your infant's nutrition.

We’ve debunked the truth behind some common myths regarding infant formula, breastfeeding and your baby’s nutrition.


Closeup of baby  feeding milk from baby's bottle. Isolated over white background.
Babies who drink from large bottles early in life may be experience more weight gain by six months of age ...
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Bigger Baby Bottles Linked to Weight Gain

Mother Feeding Baby Boy From Bottle At Home
In the first year of life, the country's largest pediatricians group, the American Academy of Pediatrics, says infants should only ...
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DIY Baby Formula Ingredients May Come With Risks

Dr. Meg Meeker provides parents with infant feeding fixes to different problems they may be facing when it comes to ...
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Dr. Meg Says – 5 Infant Feeding Fixes for Common Concerns

By: Dr. Meg Meeker I’ve been a pediatrician for more than 25 years, and I’ve worked with parents from a ...
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Attention Parents: Choose Your Parenting Information Wisely!

Background of manual and automatic breast pump, baby bottle with milk.
Keep these time frames in mind when storing or preparing breast milk ...
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The Lifespan of Breast Milk – Video

It’s a simple formula (no pun intended); twins equal twice the crying, twice the diapers, and twice the feeding. Bottle ...
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Feeding Multiples: Power is in the Eye of the Bottle Holder