New parents are bombarded with a million details to remember in order to safely navigate the first few months of a baby’s life. When preparing infant formula, remember these three words.

Bad eating habits are easy to learn, but harder to break. Raise a generation of healthy eaters by instilling healthy habits from day one.

The Lifespan of Breast Milk

Today’s modern parents have many options to store breast milk, but how long does it remain safe to feed? Just as milk in the store has an expiration date, so does mommy’s milk.


There’s been a stigma around breastfeeding for a long time, but like many people, Betty Strachan has had enough of ...
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Woman Creates Breastfeeding Doll to Battle Stigma

storing breast milk
Keep these time frames in mind when preparing or storing breast milk. Watch this video to learn more about the ...
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The Lifespan of Breast Milk – Video

Healthy eating habits are easier to maintain when you start with them from day one. They can start as early ...
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Healthy Habits From the Start: Quiz

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By: Dr. Meg Meeker As a parent I know the frustration that comes with trying everything to comfort your baby, ...
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Don’t Use Food to Soothe Your Baby

infant feeding
Dr. Meg Meeker provides parents with infant feeding fixes to different problems they may be facing when it comes to ...
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Dr. Meg Says – 5 Infant Feeding Fixes for Common Concerns