Don't Use Food To Soothe Your Baby

Feeding can be a quick fix to soothing a fussy infant, but it’s important to realize that crying isn’t always a sign that your baby is hungry.

Healthy Eating Habits From the Start

Bad eating habits are easy to learn, but harder to break. Raise a generation of healthy eaters by instilling healthy habits from day one.

How To Tell If Your Baby Is Full

Infants cannot say when they've had enough to eat. Learn how to interpret their hunger cues and know when your baby is satisfied.


how to tell if your baby is full
Three quick questions to help you determine if your baby has had enough to eat ...
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How to Tell If Your Baby is Full – Video

lifespan of breast milk
Proper breast milk storage and use is an important safety consideration. Today’s modern parents have many options to store breast ...
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The Lifespan of Breast Milk

Closeup of baby  feeding milk from baby's bottle. Isolated over white background.
Babies who drink from large bottles early in life may experience more weight gain by six months of age than ...
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Bigger Baby Bottles Linked to Baby Weight Gain

infant feeding
Dr. Meg Meeker provides parents with infant feeding fixes to different problems they may be facing when it comes to ...
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Dr. Meg Says – 5 Infant Feeding Fixes for Common Concerns

pediatrician search
By: Dr. Meg Meeker I love being interviewed by new parents who are thinking of bringing their babies to my ...
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Put “Shared Values” and “Good Listener” at the Top of Your Pediatrician Search Checklist

formula bottle prep
When preparing your infant's breast milk or formula, safe, clean bottle prep is key ...
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Infant Formula Bottle Prep – Video