Back to Work After Baby

Whether breastfeeding, formula feeding or combination feeding, there are simple steps you can take when heading back to work.

Parenting in the Information Age

How do you know the information is reliable? Know where to turn to and where to stay away from for your infant's nutrition.

The Lifespan of Breast Milk

Today’s modern parents have many options to store breast milk, but how long does it remain safe to feed? Just as milk in the store has an expiration date, so does mommy’s milk.


infant feeding
Dr. Meg Meeker provides parents with infant feeding fixes to different problems they may be facing when it comes to feeding their ...
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Dr. Meg Says – 5 Infant Feeding Fixes for Common Concerns

In today’s digital age, moms and dads have instant access to many different parenting resources. New parents often look to ...
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Parenting in the Information Age: Whose Advice Is Reliable?

Bonding with your newborn is one of the earliest building blocks of a lasting relationship. Bonding encourages parents to nurture ...
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Bonding During Feeding – It’s Not Just for Moms Anymore

Famous celebrity moms, especially of multiples, make the same feeding decisions all parents do. Check out the feeding choices of ...
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Feeding Choices of Famous Parents with Multiples

How you feed your baby is an important and personal decision rooted in individual beliefs, circumstances and experiences. Some well-intentioned ...
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3 Reasons Homemade Infant Formula is Dangerous